May 10 – Review: Forward in Time with Jelly Beans

Check out this wonderful review for my upcoming time travel romance on Sparkling Book Reviews

Sparkling Book Reviews


Fiction, Short Time-Travel Romance, Sweet, (101 pages)


Blurb: In 1932, Henrietta Hinchcliffe graduates from medical school and jumps on the opportunity to reopen a clinic with Dr. Iain Carter. After realizing her dream, Henrietta should feel fulfilled, but she longs for more–the kind of soul-deep love her brother and parents found. Fate intervenes when a magic box of jelly beans whisks her away to the future. Soon after arriving, she discovers her unborn nephew will die in 1932 if she can’t find a way to save him. To complicate matters, the answers she seeks may lie with a handsome doctor named Joshua Bingham.

Thoughts: This is the second in this series (See: Back in Time With Jelly Beans) and a perfect follow-up to that story. In this one, Henrietta is the main focus of the story as she jumps forward…

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